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Nutritionist Approved!

“Such a lovely product, full of great energising and nutrient dense ingredients. As a nutritionist, I would highly recommend this as an alternative to coffee, and I personally enjoy it on the daily!”

~ Chloe Collins // Clinical Nutritionist

"Loving this stuff"

“Loving this stuff! haven’t had coffee in two weeks. Thank you both so much x”

– Hazar

'Blowing my mind!!'

“The Energy Brew is blowing my mind!! I have never been able to drink coffee and it would result in headaches, an upset belly! I have been trialing this out as an alternative and it is amazing, full of energy, super clear and it’s full of nourishing goodies. Oh and it gets better – it tastes amazing.”

~ Kylie // Yoga studio owner and mama

'“OMG the Energy Kick”

“Hi Guys I have finally tried your amazing brew. OMG the kick of energy I got from half a cup was unbelievable. It really works. I do know that with a coffe you get an energy kick but later you feel very tired. With Yerba Mate you don’t get those down moments. I really really liked it. Thank you so much xx”

~ Diana // Personal Trainer

'“Thank you”

“I’ve just had the longest day. So emotionally drained and tired and I just sat down with my iced maté and all of a sudden I am calm and everything is clear again. thanks for such a beautiful product.”

~ Bri

Headache gone!

“Ok. Day 1 and I don’t know if this is a coincidence but my awful headache I had yesterday (chronic headache sufferer, they can last days at a time) went away an hour after finishing this. My head feels clear. I made my husband try it too & his clarity is amazing! Surely it can’t be THAT good in a day????”

~ Janelle 

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Energise your day

Along with caffeine, Maté contains theobromine theophylline. These three alkaloids work together to provide a unique, mild stimulant effect enhancing energy, clarity and overall physical performance

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Skip the 3pm crash

The combination of stimulants and nutrients found in Maté, means that it not only offers energy to wake you up in the morning but continues to provide energy, endurance and focus for your entire day.

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Enjoy deeper sleep

Yerba Maté does not have a negative effect on sleep cycles; in fact, it has a tendency to balance cycles, inducing more REM sleep when necessary, or increasing the amount of time spent in deep sleep.

30 days of Organic Energy delivered.

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Delicious Tasting Coffee Alternative

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All Day Energy & Mental Clarity

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100% compostable packaging

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Nutritionist Approved

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Organic Ingredients