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So back in 2010, Seven years before the conception of Lov Mate’, there I was listening to a naturopath about the true essence of naturopathy.

She was basically saying how natropathy is about supporting the healing power of nature. Anyway, I realised that energetic alignment is much in the same.

Let me explain.

By aligning with the healing power of nature Im able to connect back to the source energy. Much like accessing the Delta state of consciousness through meditation.


Anyway, I left that discussion with a holistic understanding of the healing power of plants. It actually allowed me to find this GOLD on the power of Maca.


There has been some MAJOR discoveries in the power of maca for sexual health in the last 10 years.


This is what the National Institute of Health had to report.

“Clinical trials showed efficacy of maca on sexual dysfunctions as well as increasing sperm count and motility. Maca is a plant with great potential as an adaptogen and appears to be promising as a nutraceutical in the prevention of several diseases.”


Wow, as for the prevention of diseases im not trained to give advice on this part but being a mother of twins and partner to their beautiful father I can give you my honest opinion about the libido enhancing qualities.


Here’s my official response: 




I mean, increased libido, increased sperm count and motility. I’m pretty sure maca is part of the reason we had twins. Not to mention mood swings immediately went away after increasing my intake of Maca because of its hormonal balancing qualities.


It’s nutty flavour GROUNDING a euphoric ENERGY that unlocks vivid EARTHY tones. Maca even forms a solid base flavour to counter the richness of the cacao, and the raw edge of the Yerba Mate’ found in Lov Mate’



In October last year I ran the first lot of test ads to promote Lov Mate’ to a broader audience.

Maybe you remember when this happened. I was getting purchase requests from Canada, Sweden, the U.S from people all over the world to come to my humble little website and email me directly…and ask me personally to send them some Lov Mate’.


Anyway, this opened a whole new class of energy seekers that we couldn’t keep up with.

TWENTY TWO SOULS, contacted us from the otherside of the world in a space of just 30 minutes, and one person from England even offered to buy all our remaining stock.


I immediately stopped running international adds to keep up with the demand. When we asked them what is it about the product that appealed to you.

Turns out they were seeking a natural libido boosting supplement. As we all know guarana is one of it not the best natural libido enhancers. 


Did you know that the right combination of Guarana, Maca and Yerba Mate’ not only increases your libido?

If brewed together using the UNIQUE libido enhancing brewing method, you can dramatically improve your Lov between the sheets but also your pre-enjoyment time with your partner.






Imagine you and your partner were performing naked yoga on stage. Locked in trance, an energetic tantra, consumed in love. So consumed there was no ending only Lov’s eternal energy. 


With Lov Mate’s Organic, Raw, Heart Opening cacao, connect DEEPLY with your partner in that open space. Stay binded in whole hearted Love and entangled within this bed of pleasure. Take it with you everywhere you go. Call on it in times of need and desire and allow your partner to hold you in their focus to do the same.



The magic of this libido enhancing brewing method is accessible, quite easy and once you discover how amazing it makes everyday you can do very little to turn back. This is not for the faint of heart.




Milk warmer/steamer – any will do we’ve found best results from cafe steamers as long as the temperature stays below 75, also hand ands are great to froth the milk just needs heating first.


Your favourite mug or cup, the one you’ve had forever tattooed with the marks of lov (very important)


417hz solfeggio frequency band get it here




Lov Mate’ get it here.




Before we get into it Ill let you in the backdoor, behind the scenes of the Lov Tribe.

The Lov Tribe is for anyone who wishes to unlock their potential and put their monthly order on auto pilot. It will be a subscription service open exclusively to you because you are reading this email.


For those that havent ordered yet and aren’t sure how many they will need in a month. The pouch is 120grams and we recommend two teaspoons a serve so a pouch will give you 30 serves per packet.


If you order and decide later on to subscribe, we will give you the discount off your next ordered delivery. Make sense?




So, we order 300 pouches of Lov Mate’ in a production run. This is happening every couple months or so.

To package, process and make sure that you get your Lov Mate’ on time, is manageable for me at the moment so I’de like to keep the Lov Tribe manageable and EXCLUSIVE.


So, If you’re on this list and from Australia You’re in luck because were about to drop some information on the Lov Tribe Membership that we think you might just like a little.

If you’re from anywhere other then Australia and you really want to get your hands on some Lov Mate’, we’re in discussions with our logistics partner to offer International shipping at a reduced rate.

Keep your notifications on for that announcement you dont want to miss it.




So, it really is simple all you need to do is to access the magic of this brewing method is beleive. Its that simple.

I know you think oh whats this hippy taling me about now. Honestly, thats okay.

Because the real magic happens on the cellular level. When you believe so deeply you will enhance your libido a funny thing happens, you actually will enhance your libido.

So, now I want you to imagine your cells as dancing love hearts all bouncing in unison.

Now I want you to play the 417hz frequency band and imagine your cells are connecting to the tone and bouncing in a slow rhythm up and down.

You can see the love heart cells compress at the top and bottom of that frequency band now as you connect the breath into that scene i want you to take a deep breath in as you prepare your Lov Mate’

Next, get four heaped teaspoons of Lov Mate’ and mix it into the milk as its froths and heats up.

Once heated and frothed simply pour into your favourite cup or mug. As you do this believe your heart shaped cells are about to experience the most exciting libido enhancing brew ever created. Sip with love in mind and share with your partner.


Now comes the fun part, But ill leave that to you


Rest assured we absolutely Lov you.


Lov and Light,


Sanae and Ben.

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