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    Introducing Yerba Mate, Drink Of The Gods!

    “I remember my grandmother brewing her daily pot of strong green Maté tea, her white hair shining and her blue eyes twinkling with fun. She ascribed much of her energy and good health (at eighty- four years of age) to drinking this strong concoction every day. And never a day went by when my grandmother was not working hard! Maté tea has long been regarded as a safe, general stimulant during periods of hard, physical work.” - The Herb Tea Book - Dorothy Hall


    What is Yerba Maté?

    The Yerba Maté plant stems from a species of the holly family that grows in exotic subtropical regions. Yerba Maté, often called Maté (Ma-Tay) for short is a traditional drink of central and southern parts of South America, particularly in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Often refered to as a miracle herb or “Drink of the Gods.”


    Introduction to 8 Essential Health Benefits

    1. Natural Energy

    Similar caffeine structure, without the same side effects often associated with coffee

    2. Clarity and Sustained Focus

    The combination of stimulants caffeine, theobromine and theophylline create a clear and focused state of mind 

    3. Unique Nutritional profile

    It has been said that Maté contains 'practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life'

    4. Great for Digestive Issues

    May improve digestion with the ability to repair

    5. Weight Loss

    Efficiently burn fat while suppressing your appetite

    6. Cardiovascular

    Increases the supply of oxygen to the heart

    7. Immunity Boost

    May assist in reducing the time it takes the body to fully recover

    8. Better Sleep

    Tendency to balance the sleep cycles giving you more REM


    Natural Energy

    Yerba Maté is known for providing an energy hit that is smooth, calm and long lasting. Along with caffeine, Yerba Maté contains theobromine also found in cacao and theophylline found in cocoa beans and tea. These three alkaloids work together to provide a unique, mild stimulant effect proven to enhance energy, clarity and overall physical performance. You receive all of this without the side effects commonly experienced with coffee.

    While providing you with the energy you need it’s working simultaneously to nourish your body ensuring you don’t end up with the energy slump and ’empty’ feeling that caffeine often leaves us with.


    Increased Mental Clarity

    The powerful combination of stimulants and nutrients found in Maté, means that it not only offers an energy hit to wake you up in the morning but continues to provide energy, endurance and focus for your entire day. Yerba Maté consists of plant chemicals which are known to stimulate the heart, brain, muscles, blood vessels and many other parts of the body. In fact, while this extract from the holly tree is often compared to green tea, scientific studies show that Yerba Maté features far more active compounds and 90% more antioxidants than green tea.


    Excellent Nutritional Profile

    Containing numerous essential vitamins and minerals Yerba Maté is a nutritional powerhouse. Containing carotene; vita- mins A, C, E, B-1, B-2 and B-complex; riboflavin; nicotinic acid; pantothenic acid; biotin; magnesium; calcium; iron; sodium; potassium; manganese; silicon; phosphates; sulfur; hydrochloric acid; chlorophyll; choline; and inositol. 


    Yerba Maté & Weight Loss

    Scientific analysis shows Yerba Mate prevents body weight gain and reduces total body fat. It does this by helping the body burn fat more efficiently whilst suppressing the appetite. Visceral fat. This is the fat collecting around the waistline and abdomen. Visceral fat can surround vital organs like the liver and heart, and can contribute to heart disease and type II diabetes. Yerba Maté has also been proven to inhibit the gain of visceral fat.

    Maté has become a favorite of body builders as the metabolic effects of Maté appear to include the ability to maintain aerobic glycolysis (breakdown of carbohydrates) during exercise for longer periods of time. This results in burning more calories, increasing cardi- ac efficiency, delaying anaerobic glycol- ysis and the resulting buildup of lactic acid during exercise.


    Great for digestive health

    Positive effects of Yerba Mate range from immediate improvement in digestion to the ability to repair damaged and diseased gastro-intestinal tissues.

    Constipation can also easily be overcome through the use of Maté. It appears to work by softening fecal mass, but it also works to gently stimulate the normal movement of the intestines.


    Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

    Yerba Maté supplies many of the nutrients required by the heart for growth and repair. In addition, it increases the supply of oxygen to the heart, especially during periods of stress or intense exercise.


    Maté and the Immune System

    A regular observation in South American literature on Maté is that it increases the immune response of the body, stimulating the body’s natural resistance to disease. This results in a nourishing and strengthening effect during the course of illness as well as during recovery. In some cases even reducing the time it takes the body to fully recover.

    Exact process of Mate’s action have not been worked out, but they involve both a direct action against infectious organisms, and an effect on overall resistance to disease.


    Better Sleep

    One of the remarkable aspects of Maté is that it does not have a negative effect on sleep cycles; in fact, it has a tendency to balance the cycles, inducing more rapid eye movement (REM) sleep when necessary, or increasing the amount of time spent in deep sleep.

    Maté has the ability to increase mental alertness and focus better than any other xanthine alkaloid, and to do it without the side effects of nervousness and jitters. It seems to act like a tonic, stimulating a weakened and depressed nervous system and sedating an over excited one.


    Our Yerba Maté

    The Yerba Mate we use is a blend of high quality roasted and green Yerba Maté Extract Powder. This blend cements the foundation of a full bodied flavour in every brew.

    Sourced from a USDA Certified organic plantation in the sub-tropical hills of Parana, Brazil. The farmers and producers hold high ethical and environmentally conscious standards.

    Extracted using water, not alcohol, ensures this 100% Yerba Maté extract powder is pure and means the nutritional content is never compromised creating a rich flavour and smooth texture.

    Using this Yerba Maté Extract we have crafted an instant energy drink crafted to stimulate the brain and nourish the body.


    *Please note this is not intended as medical advice, you should consult your health care professional before supplementing.