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organic ingredients

Four energising, organic ingredients sourced from ethical and sustainable farms.

yerba maté

A synergistic mix of natural stimulants and powerful antioxidants. Acting as a natural alkalizer to balance the bodies PH Levels reducing the cells susceptibility to disease. 

raw cacao

Rich in magnesium and other essential minerals. May assist in slowing the ageing process, act as a mood enhancer and boost energy levels.

Maca root

A grounding food with a nutty flavour known to enhance sexual health and libido by balancing hormones. May also improve learning capabilities and brain endurance.


Used by the Amazonian Indians for thousands of years. Benefits can include weight loss, stress relief, enhanced mental focus and physical performance.

LOVE for LOV Maté

Find out what's so special about LOV Maté from our customers



Yes. A serve of LOV Maté contains approximately 30-40 mg (half the amount of caffeine as a regular coffee or similar to that of green tea).

Most of this caffeine content is naturally occurring in our star ingredient - Yerba Matè. Yerba Matè contains caffeine as well as stimulants theobromine and theophylline, it also has over 26 vitamins and minerals!⁣

The feeling you get from Yerba Matè is very different to coffee. ⁣Described as gentle but uplifting, some even say euphoric 🙌⁣

Nope. Just four organic ingredients: Raw Cacao, Yerba Maté & Maca Root

Depending on your taste you can add sweetener to your brew - we love maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar!

LOV [love] Maté [mah-tay]

We use a small amount of this ingredient as it is a strong herb.

Guarana has gotten a bad name from being used in highly concentrated caffeine energy drinks but used in moderation and in its natural form - Guarana is an amazing herb that has so many Heath benefits.

Yes. Some of our customers drink it black, it's a different flavour than mixed with milk but still yummy.

Just be sure not to add boiling water directly onto the powder as it can effect the nutrient content of the Yerba Maté.

We do not state that it is breastfeeding safe & always suggest to consult your health care provider first.

Lov Maté contains aprox half the caffeine content as coffee, and lot of our customers do find that LOV Maté doesn't effect their baby in the same way coffee does but each mama and baby is different.*

*This is just personal experiences and not medical advise.

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